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Interruptions and Streaks

Dominos stopped
I've been thinking about interruptions, lately. That's because lately, I have had a lot of them. 

Despite my best intentions, I have been knocked off some of the habits I have been trying to build. Maybe you can relate. 

Here are some things I have learned:


  1. Interruptions Happen. They are a part of life.
  2. Pay Attention to the Interruptions. Sometimes they are not obstacles to overcome, but part of a story waiting to be told.
  3. Habits Are Built on Streaks. If one streak is broken, start a new one.

What new streak will you begin this week?

Your Extra Day is Here!

Sit Quietly and Be GratefulYou know how we always wish we had another hour in a day- or another day in the month? It's here!

Tomorrow is one of those rare occasions (Leap Year) when an extra day is inserted into your calendar.

Now that we have we what wished for, what will we do with this extra day?


A Simple & Powerful Spiritual Practice for Lent

Hands open2Throughout Lent (which begins Wednesday, February 26!), I am inviting you to a spiritual practice called "Daily 5x5"


It's a simplified version of an earlier practice* and I think you will find this to be powerful way to recognize and respond to God in everyday life- in part because it is so simple. Here's how:

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