The Holy Work of Appreciation
Brene Brown and the Spirituality of Belonging

Gift List

It feels like a task- and who needs another task this time of year?

Five daily acts of Kindness, Gratitude, and Service. They can seem daunting this time of year. Even unrealistic. 

Who has time for that?

The nice thing is these gifts don't require much more than your own awareness and intentionality.  They are not another item for today's To-Do list as much as a determination of your To-Be list. 

As you rush, shop, work, and wrap, that is when these gifts are most needed and appreciated.  More than anything that will be unwrapped later, these are the gifts that are needed today. These are the gifts that matter today because they shape the gift we become today. 

The best gift you'll give today is yourself.

Note: This is a companion to my post today on iHOPE. As you have time, check it out, too. 


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