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May 10, 2013


Sara Fischer

This is an excellent discussion about the ways we humans "get God". I'm a mixed brain person when it comes to worship and work, and if I think about it - I'm a mixed brain in all aspects of my life. There are times when one of the sides wants to be in control but mostly it's mixed. Back in my college days I encountered a book called "Gödel, Escher, Bach: An Eternal Golden Braid" by Douglas Hofstadter. Kurt Gödel, mathematician. M.C. Escher, artist, and Baroque composer Johann Sebastian Bach. (Escher did the symmetrical drawings Two of the works that come to mind that are widely known are "Up and Down" the staircases and "Drawing Hands". Think Prelude and Fugue in D for Bach. Most people don't know the title but they know the sound. Think Halloween time. It helped me make sense of the way my brain worked. Being a musician the right side of my brain engaged but music is such a left brain activity as well. Most forms of music are highly structured. There are a specific number of units (measures). There are a specific number of units inside those measures. When more than one instrument speaks together, or when the choir sings, like we're doing on Sunday it takes an enormous control of the left brain to put it all together. It requires the use of logic and order and uniformity. Yet, at the same time there is a right brain component, the expression - the soul. I, for example, have to use the whole brain to put together a piece of music but it probably sounds like my right brain is in total control when I play. I can let that right brain out for a ride when the control is established; it can put the frosting on the cake - make the music be something that can be felt, can take me as the musician and you as the listener to that place, that "thin place" where the connection, the communion with God is made.

I just feel so lucky to be part of a church that helps us structure that worship experience, the logic, the order, the emotion, the feeling, the connection. We're given permission to take our whole selves out for a ride when we engage in a worship service. We get the reassurance that we can connect with God in many different ways when we let it happen and when we welcome it.

Thanks Russ!

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