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May 14, 2015


Colleen and Cecil Wills

Just reading your article shows us that you are not going by the Bible - you are going by State rules and laws. We continue to adjust our handbook, the Bible, to match modern needs and modern laws..."the needs of today". One only needs to watch the nightly news to see what chaos our world is in and to know that Christian's are rapidly losing ground and will be tested.

We hold no grudges to gay people...we understand your sympathy/empathy...however that does not change what we feel the Bible is telling us. We guess according to all we have read so far - the church thinks that God has changed his mind, or made a mistake! We guess the 10 commandments no longer hold true "Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s wife" should now be changed to "Though shalt not covet thy neighbor’s partner."

We have three loud and strong cheers for Erik for holding to his beliefs - and you have our permission to forward this to him if you like. We are proud of him.

We have seen, via television, crowds of gays mocking the priests in San Francisco by marching in and demanding communion while they are dressed as clowns with painted faces and dyed hair. We have watched as crowds of gays have tried to block customers from entering Chik-Filet fast food stores (yes, we walked right in through the line). They have ruined the business of a bakery owner in Denver (lawsuit pending?) because he held to his beliefs. A pizza Parlor in another state reduced to bankruptcy by the gays. The Espicopalian church in Colorado Springs divided and the congregants losing the church building that they struggled to pay for over years, as we have done.

We live in a small neighborhood with three gay families. Two of the couples are now divorced and living with new partners. The third person moved out leaving her animals to starve and leaving the bank holding the bag after her partner walked out and disappeared. Colleen has had two close friends that were gay. One, an administrator at the school district, was married to her partner in a civil union and the other who left her unmarried partner and has lost contact. We do not feel we are in any way "homophobic". We agree wholeheartedly with another family’s comments in your blog that gays can easily be married by civil union or in Las Vegas.

Unfortunately, we feel that staying with New Hope would look as if we are in agreement with the decision, in which we are obviously in disagreement. We have lost many nights sleep over this with much praying and many tears. We have not made this heartbreaking decision lightly.

Cecil and I will probably be leaving our beloved church family of the past 15 when we find a new church home.

Cecil and Colleen Wills

Mary Beth

I am proud that we are new members of a church that embodies the true spirit of Christ. Congratulations and thank you.


I have been listening and reading a number of sermons lately about love, how does a Christian love another human being? After all, Jesus said that we should number 1)-love God with all our heart and mind and soul and 2)-love our neighbor as ourselves. So loving God comes before we love our neighbor (others in our community). Hmmm… so I started to observe how God demonstrated love in the Bible, which is our manual for life. He engaged and did not withdraw from sinners and that got him into trouble with the religious types. But even though he ENGAGED...he did NOT participate in nor promote sin. He still had tenets of the faith and encouraged self-discipline So I guess the question is: what is sin? Some listed are adultery, drunkenness, murder, lying, and many others. Is homosexuality a sin? It is listed as such (and not just in the Old Testament, which too many are ready to throw out.) It does say we all sin and fall short…. so we can’t necessarily say one sin is acceptable and one is not. So I will love the sinner (especially since I am one), but I will not participate in his/her sin (as much is humanly possible for me). In loving them I will fellowship with them (and I have). I will come to their aid (and I have). I will pray for them (and I have). I will help them with their children and their families. But I will NOT encourage homosexuality by participation or promotion. I don't like that the Presbyterian Church is "promoting" a sacred union (blessed by God) between two people of the same gender when the Bible states it is a union of a man and a woman. We are telling those new to Christendom that we should conform to world in order to love those in it. That the bible is inaccurate or mythology. I am unsure of how to handle this dilemma…namely wanting to follow the tenants of the faith, trying to “clean-up” my life and be in the Word. Yet the very organization that is to facilitate this process has decided that to err in favor of License instead of the danger of Legality. Actually we don’t have to do either. What is the next tenant we water down or throw out because love is now defined as conformity and blanket acceptance?

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