The Long Road

In the Wilderness we find New Hope

Jeremy-bishop-408926As we enter 2018 we are diving into a new series, Getting our Bearings, Finding our Way. This series is a way for us to try to discover the presence of God in our lives, especially when it feels chaotic, or like a wilderness. Throughout scripture wilderness is the place where we meet God. Abraham did, Moses did, Noah did, Jesus did. The wilderness is a place that strips us down to our very core, to our very being. Nothing matters in the wilderness, but only to survive. And that's when God shows up, when we become humbled. As we navigate the wilderness and find a way to revitalize our Life Groups I hope this blog will be helpful for you and your group. Below are some discussion questions to consider when you meet.

  1. What is your wilderness right now?
  2. Can you feel God's presence? Why or why not?
  3. What has intrigued you in this new series?
  4. What has been something in a sermon that struck a nerve?
  5. How can you be present during this time of wilderness?


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