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The Long Road


The Long Road

With the dawn of digital technology we are finding all kinds of ways to make things easier. To find a shortcut. This can be extremely beneficial for humanity and sometimes it can make us lazier. With any kind of shortcut or new way of doing things it creates change and change means loss of some kind. With the dawn of we see the shrinking of small business that can't keep up with the cheap prices and two day shipping. 

Shortcuts can be good.

They can be bad.

When we look at our faith journey as a road, we don't really see any shortcuts taken. It's almost impossible to have a shortcut on this journey. We have rabbit trails leading to nowhere, or leading right back to the road, but in order to have the full relationship with God the creator it's a long road. It's also a long road to knowing and accepting the person who you are, which many of us don't actually get to until the later years of our life.

The long road is a pain to travel, but when you look back there are so many riches that you have gained from the experience. And a faith that is deeper than you could have ever imagined.

Small Group Discussion Questions:

  1. Name a detour from a vacation, trip, or simply your life? How did it feel? What did it look like?
  2. If you could 'short-cut' one area of your life, what would it be? Why?
  3. After seeing God conqueor Egyptian power, why do you think God was afraid they (Israelites) would turn back?
  4. What was a lesson that you took the long road to learn?
  5. What is the ongoing work in you as you travel the long road in the wilderness?

In the Wilderness we find New Hope

Jeremy-bishop-408926As we enter 2018 we are diving into a new series, Getting our Bearings, Finding our Way. This series is a way for us to try to discover the presence of God in our lives, especially when it feels chaotic, or like a wilderness. Throughout scripture wilderness is the place where we meet God. Abraham did, Moses did, Noah did, Jesus did. The wilderness is a place that strips us down to our very core, to our very being. Nothing matters in the wilderness, but only to survive. And that's when God shows up, when we become humbled. As we navigate the wilderness and find a way to revitalize our Life Groups I hope this blog will be helpful for you and your group. Below are some discussion questions to consider when you meet.

  1. What is your wilderness right now?
  2. Can you feel God's presence? Why or why not?
  3. What has intrigued you in this new series?
  4. What has been something in a sermon that struck a nerve?
  5. How can you be present during this time of wilderness?