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Fear Factor



Remember that show, Fear Factor? When contestants went on this game show to win money by facing fears of heights, fast driving cars, and eating gross foods? The whole show surrounded itself around facing your fears and the one to conquer all of the fears one the money! What a rush. I remember seeing an episode when they had to roll a dice, on each side of this dice were different food items that were to be blended together for them to drink. This was not just regular food items but a menu of: pig intestine, animal fat, cow eyes, veal brain, spleen, cod liver oil, bile and fish sauce.



Gross. These fears only seem to touch the surface of what we really fear. Our fears run much deeper and deeply affect how we view and treat others. This past Sunday we talked about fear in our wilderness (which you can listen to here). The Bible and Jesus have alot to say about fear, so why is it still so powerful in our lives and our culture? 

Life Group Questions:

  1. Why is the #1 command in the Bible, "Fear Not?" Where would it apply to you today?
  2. How does fear distort reality for us?
  3. What was a great fear as a kid? What did it feel like? How did you overcome it? How did it feel to overcome it?
  4. What are some fears that hold you back?
  5. Who inspires you to overcome fear? How did they do it?
  6. What is the cost of your fear? What is the cost of overcoming it?
  7. Who or What discourages you or makes you more fearful?


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