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July 2018

Summer Update


Photo by Matt Zhou on Unsplash

    Summer has always been a time of renewal. We seem to set aside our normal ways and make way for relaxation and vacation. And we should, we don't work sabbath into our normal daily routines enough, but sadly one thing that we tend to sacrifice during summer is our church community. It makes sense, it's one more thing you have to worry about besides the travel and kids activities, but if your church community is a place of renewal and healing then it should be a must.

    That is why our series for the next three weeks is called This is Us. We will be exploring our mission statement Find a Home, Build a Life, and Make a Difference. There has been alot of changes in the past three years and we all feel it. We need a time of renewal, a time to remember what drew us to this faith community in the first place. Why do we value church? Why is it important? Is it not important anymore? We want to help our faith community rediscover the joy and the renewal that is offered here.

Here are a couple things to look forward to in this time of re-discovery!

  1. Go see Won't You Be My Neighbor? with your life group! We will be starting a series in the fall on this very topic!
  2. Put your picture on Realm! If you don't know how we will have stations to get your picture taken at church starting July 29th. If we can put a picture to a name we will be able to serve you better!
  3. Hands of Hope, this is a great event for our church to go out and serve our community on August 19th. We will have sign ups ready to go on July 29th. If you have a project that you think would fit into this Sunday, please contact Pastor Jordan!