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October 2019

Can Anything Good Come out of Nazareth?


As we enter into the month of October, New Hope is talking about doing good. In Christianity being good has often been criticized, because we are saved by faith, not by works. Sadly we lose something in that frame of mind. Yes, it is true we are saved by faith and grace, but because of that, we should be urged to extend that same love, compassion, grace, and goodness to others. 

But maybe you feel like you aren't good, or anything special. Maybe you have had a difficult time and don't quite trust yourself to do good works without hurting others. It reminds me a conversation between Nathanael and Phillip in the new testament, speaking of this Jesus who comes out of Nazareth, Nathanael exclaims "Can anything good come from Nazareth?!" (John 1:46). Our ideas of good can be quite different than what God ends up showing us as good in life. Take heart, you are created good. You are created to do good things in the image of God, to serve others, to spread kindness, generosity, and love. You can do this. Because if something good came out of Nazareth, it can come from anywhere.


5x5 Daily Habit for October

5 Acts of Kindness, Service, and Gratitude daily.