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December 2019

We wait for the incarnation

2019-Advent; Unlit Candles of Christmas

As we grow older and hopefully wiser, we find that many religions can be expressing the same desire to have a deity greater than ourselves, one that is about compassion and love. Then at that point in your journey, you should ask yourself, why Christianity? Why this religion? What does it have that the others do not?

For me, what made me fall in love with the Christian faith all over again is simple; incarnation.

The God of all the cosmos, decided to become flesh, to dwell among us, to understand the life experience of  God’s own  creation. This is a God of love, when we truly love someone we want to know life through their eyes. We want to know more.

The act of incarnation bridged the gap between God and all of creation, for all time. It lit an unlit candle that says; God is not far away in the heavens, never has been. That is the good news of the incarnation of Christ.

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