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Transformation 2021

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There are two types of thought when it comes to change:

  1. It’s a band aid, you just have to rip it off and get it over with and let everything reset accordingly.
  2. Change is a slow and grueling process that takes time.

We all want to change or even transform. The Bible talks about it, we all expect to transform as we age and gain new wisdom. But how can we be participating in our own transformation? Our transformation in 2021 will be decided by what we do in 2020. The habits we create, the things we decide to value, and the inner  work we want to be done.

The Christian tradition is filled with language about renewal, born again, dying to self. But yet we live in a world that still deeply values putting the ego/self above all others. There are times when this is good, times for healing and renewal, but to live each day only for yourself is not what our faith is about. How can you continue to die to self each day? How can you put aside the ego and put on the character of Christ? It takes practices and it takes time. Find the practices that help you to become more like Christ. The New Hope Way can help, you can find it here.

These are all the things that help us transform. Transform into the likeness of Christ, for the betterment of the world.


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