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February 2020

The Mind of Christ


Lent is a season of remembering the life of Christ, with it climaxing on Good Friday and then Easter. We often pay attention to the sacrifice of Christ, but less to the life of Christ.

One of the interesting things about Jesus is that when people approached him and thought they were right about a certain topic, Jesus always turned it upside down. Because the reality of God is different than our own.

Jesus would say things like; “You have heard this, but I say to you it is this.” Or; “The kingdom of God is like this”….and then Jesus would give an illustration people would understand.

Most often Jesus did things opposite of what people thought was right. Especially when it came to people. Jesus was always showing the worth of a human being, no matter what they did.

This Lent think of the ways you can show kindness, gratitude, and service to someone different from you.

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